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Webdesign Glossar

Browser, web-browser
browser is an internet application which allows a user to surf the web. Examples would be Safari, Firefox, Opera, Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.

Domain name
The name that identifies an Internet website, e.g., pixiworx.com

Download, upload
Downloading is the process of copying files TO your computer FROM a server via the web.
Uploading is the reverse process of copying files FROM your computer TO a remote location.

Home Page
The opening page / start page of a website.

Hosting is a service provided by a hosting company. It usually refers to a computer (or a network of computers / servers) connected to the Internet, where a web site is stored. From here a website is made available / visible to internet users.

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
HTML is a standard authoring and editing language used to create web pages on the Internet / World Wide Web.

The internet is a global network of inter-connected computers. Though often used interchangeably with the term "web" - the web is actually an internet application.

Internet service provider (ISP)
A company that provides internet access.

Meta tags, metadata
Meta tags are found in the HTML header tags of each webpage and describe the page content. Meta tags are used by search engines to index and classify your site. Well defined metadata can improve your site's page rank (PR).

Navigation describes the structure by which a website user can move around your site. Navigation or menu bars are usually placed on either the right or left side of the page or along the top of the page.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Search engine optimisation is a strategy / specific type of code amendment designed to improve the PR (pagerank) of your website in search result pages.

A server is a networked and powerful computer that allows other users to access files (like webpages) and/or applications (like. e-mail programmes).

Site map
A site map provides an overview of the site content and is mainly helpful for search engines.

Spam is basically unwanted mail. It referrs to the practice of sending advertisement via email.

" Traffic" is data transferred from your server. This term is widely used when measuring the amount of visitors that view a website.

URL (Uniform resource locator)
The uniform resource locator identifies the location of your web site on the internet. A URL is made of three parts:
1. protocol type: http://
2. domain or machine name: www.pixiworx.com
3. file name: glossary.htm

" Usability" defines how fast a visitor is able to access / grasp a particular information surfing your website. Usability is mainly affected by factors such as the navigation and the visual design / interface of a website.