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Web Design & more

Web design involves several steps, namely an initial consultation and design phase, the structuring of the content, ie the development of a meaningful and clear navigation, a first „look & feel“   screen and then the fine tuned design, on request, the development of a logo and corporate design, and ultimately the programming and installation of a stable and search engine optimized website on HTML / CSS base. Provided image material is edited and amended to suit the web and pixiworx also offers photography and digital imaging .


Consulting & conceptual Phase

In the beginning we define the target group of the website. Who exactly do you want to address with the website and how? What feeling should the website evoke? What do you want to achieve with the site? Who are your competitors and how do you differ from them / what is your USP? What content should be covered? Creating a first rough structure, which then helps the web designer to estimate the amount of work to make an offer or a quote can.


Defining the navigation

The structuring of the content is important. It must be made clear and concise. The usability is here top priority. Content should be easy to find, just a „few clicks away“.


Web Design

Now starts the actual web design phase. First you are presented a selection of so called „look & feel“ screens to give you a first impression and idea. Based on your choices and preferences the design is then refined further.

Pixiworx does not use design templates but designs from scratch – tailored to your specific needs.

The web design phase finishes when you are happy with the design. On request Pixiworx can also design a logo or create corporate design for print. We also offer photography and digital imaging. Pixiworx has a large archive of photography focusing on landscape and nature photography.


Programming & SEO

Pixiworx is using HTML / CSS to build the website, which is the search engine friendlier version compared to so-called CMS (content management systems). SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is on everyone's lips these days and not without a reason. Of what use is the most beautiful web design, if people cannot find your website with Google? A good PR (PageRank) is of course dependent on numerous factors and is thus not enforceable on the spot. It requires patience and know-how. Since Pixiworx knows what matters the website is built with regard to good positioning in Google. We will also advise you on the selection of keywords under which your site is to be found.


Domain registration and webhosting

Pixiworx does not act itself as a provider, but is happy to help you with the process of choosing the domain name, the amount of webspace, a host etc. The Upload to server / internet marks the last step.


Updates & Maintenance of Website

Pixiworx offers you quick updates and changes for little money.

Do you have any futher questions or would you like a price quote? Please do not hesitate to contact me.